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Etnography 2

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Exhibits of material culture,  from the Kashubian countryside, are modest, but their uniqueness lies in the great attachment of their owners to them. Such artefacts could often serve for many generations, inherited from great grandparents as the most valuable souvenirs - even  items of everyday  use. There is no shortage of agricultural and fishing tools or those that were 
Craft tools constitute a large group of artefacts. It should be remembered that most of the everyday items of equipment were manufactured and repaired in local craft facilities, such as sewing machines, leather shoes, outerwear, etc.
More colourful examples of  Pomeranian village culture are sculptures, pictures painted on glass or canvas, elements of Kashubian embroidery and ceramics. The colours and motifs so often used in contemporary design are concentrated here. The attachment to tradition and beliefs - both pre-Christian and rooted in the Catholic faith, which coexist with each other, showing deeply rooted tradition and customs is clearly visible.

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