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Paul Nipkow's study

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Paul Nipkow was born in Lębork on August 22, 1860, into a family of entrepreneurs, shoemakers, bakers and brewers. He spent his childhood and youth in Lębork, where he graduated from the junior high school in 1879. Nipkow continued his education in Wejherowo and then started working on the electric telescope. He studied electronics and physics in Berlin at the Friedrich Wilhelm University. During his studies, Nipkow continued to work on a device that was to send an image over a distance. He developed what is known as the  Nipkow shield, it was the first device that enabled image analysis and synthesis. The invention was patented  in January 1884. Until 1938, Nipkow was the only owner of a confirmed television invention. From 1924, John Baird, a Scotsman, conducted successful experiments with the use of the Nipkow Shield, which led to the creation of a prototype of the television set. In the study there are also presents artefacts  from the field of technology in general.

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