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The Museum in Lębork is participating in project MUS.NET, which is implemented under the Creative Europe program and planned for 2014-2020. As part of this multifaceted project, 5 European cultural institutions will implement Audience Development in the broadest understanding.  MUS.NET, by combining the innovation offered by a wide range of digital devices and ICT (information and communication technology) with the traditional cultural offer of museums based on cultural heritage, aims to increase the role of small museums in the cultural life of local communities. In order to meet the need to attract new visitors as well as to implement innovative technologies, the project focuses on:

- survey

Conducting surveys on the application of good practices among museums and other cultural institutions participating in the project. The creation of questionnaires and their analysis will be used to implement new conceptual and technological formats for the purposes of Audience Development.

- training of museum operators and cultural animators

The project partners aim for their employees to continually improve their qualifications in working with various social groups, including under-represented groups. New skills and new ways of narration are to facilitate the recognition of the museum in the local social space, as well as raise the number of new recipients.  

- introducing innovation in the field of ICT. Creating the "Museum in your pocket" application. The application, implemented in accordance with innovative technological standards, will be a guide around the most interesting museum collections. The application - thanks to QR codes or Art. Code applied to selected exhibits - will facilitate visiting museum exhibitions, focusing on the most interesting artefacts in the field of archeology, history and ethnography. Thanks to the application, the museum will make a  modern interactive format of viewing the collection available to visitors.

 - organization of the Draw Alive interactive space
The assumption of the project is to create a space for the youngest visitors, a “Living wall” connecting the real and virtual worlds. A multimedia installation in the format of Draw Alive will allow the youngest recipients to learn about the mechanisms of combining virtual and real reality.

- realization of a project film
A 10-minute film will be created, presenting the collections of the Museum in Lębork as well as those of the project partners. The film aims not only to make it easier for visitors to view museum spaces, but also to advertise the collections and the activity profile of the project part


Project MUS.NET, focused on audiences, proposes a new, innovative scale of methods for implementing good practices in museums as well as other cultural institutions. Without disregarding technological developments, by promoting new technological applications, we want to raise awareness of  our own cultural identity, arouse interest in cultural heritage and the history of the region through the use of new technological formulas. The exchange of experiences, jointly developed techniques and a base of newly established networks of international contacts in the cultural sphere are intended to comprehensively assist institutions  to acquire new recipients and create an informed audience effectively.

MUS.NET. participants:
Province of  Padua – project leader
Butterfly Arc s.r.l. (Italy) – partner
Fundación Santa María la Real del patrimonio histórico (Spain) – partner
Muzeum w Lęborku (Polska) - partner
Ris Raziskovalno Izobrazevalno Sredisce Dvorec Rakican (Slovenia) - partner
Overall project amount: 325 299 Euro.